Watch, pause, repeat your video lessons at your convenience till you understand the entire concept.


Our detailed report not only provides feedback but also offers improvement advice to help you grow your knowledge.


Test how much you’ve learnt with our plethora of quizzes, tests and assignments.


This motivates students to engage in healthy competition, track their progress, and strive to improve their performance on our app.


Customize your lessons and assessments on the basis of your curriculum and school plan.


Each video comes with assessment. For each attempt Instant Test Result and solution view, helps to track their analytical skill and effective graph & chart tool is integrated which captures how many questions are correct, incorrect and unanswered.



    This feature is a valuable tool for parents as it allows them to track their child's academic progress in a systematic and efficient way, which can help them make informed decisions about their child's education and provide appropriate support where necessary.
    The leaderboard feature shows top 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the whole class and point history feature will allow parents to become more involved in their child's education by tracking their child's progress and history among other members in the class.


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Check out what some of our users have to say about MINDJJO

Mindjjo greatly enhanced blended learning outreach and skill development.It helps students to revisit the topic taught and give a clear insight of the concept. The clarity of the video lectures is excellent and caters to the current needs of audio visual explanation which children appreciate and accept. The worksheets help the children to recap what they learnt and test how far they have understood the content. Analytics feature have helped our teachers and parents to monitor the progress of the child effectively.

Mrs. Nimitha
Principal at SSVM World School, Coimbatore. icon

Mindjjo is an excellent platform for our learners and builds regular learning habit. The chapters are made more interesting by using tech-enhanced lessons and other teaching tools. The best part is that the simplified ways of teaching through videos and quiz makes the topic easy. Students are getting an opportunity to delve into course materials which help them learn at their conveniences whenever they need, is an added advantage.

Mrs. Sangeetha
Faculty at SSVM School of Excellence, Coimbatore. icon

I like the way of teaching in Mindjjo and worksheets helps us to get good marks in exams. Since its digital I have the freedom of watching the videos as and when needed. It’s easy to recap with the quizzes and convenient to take notes and the speed of the video lessons are appropriate.I prioritize my work with Mindjjo. The notifications help us to follow up with the content. My score has improved after watching Mindjjo. It's a very good learning companion.

Student at SSVM Mettupalayam icon

Mindjjo App has been quite useful and User-friendly app. It unlocked the new era of education by facilitating the teaching - learning process with cutting edge technology having digitally recorded videos of the entire curriculum with detailed explanation of various concepts. students enjoy the learning process & the doubt solving sessions. We are indeed happy with the features and services offered by the app.

Mrs. Anuradha
Principal at Reeds World School, coimbatore icon

Students can watch the videos numerous times till they fully comprehend the subject at their own pace and maintain focus. The worksheets and quizzes are well framed to reflect their learning. Children are enjoying learning and understanding the concepts better through video format with good animated visualisation. We are immensely happy with the platform and pleased with the services on how they came out well for helping the children and engaging them.

Mrs. Padmini
Faculty at Reeds World School, coimbatore icon

I find Mindjjo highly useful, especially during exam times. It has a lot of worksheets and quizzes, which are very helpful when revising. All the videos are easily understandable and relate to our lessons. If I have a doubt about any concept or if I miss the class, I watch the videos of Mindjjo and understand the topics through them. Whenever we complete any activity or task, the points will be rewarded in Mindjjo, and this creates a healthy competitive environment amongst us.

Harshad Ram S.B
Student at Reeds World School, Coimbatore icon

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